My VicTransit app was a really impressively crappy weekend project that I whipped together because the website of the transit company in the town I lived in sucked almost as much as the ancient Android phone I had at the time. This made it at least a little easier for me to double check that I was going to miss my bus to school.

Really it was only remarkable for its speed of development; it was my first web scraper (to grab the info from their site) and my first mobile app, pulled together using python and PhoneGap (shudder) respectively. Although it was useful at the time, it looks atrocious and had some serious performance issues partly due to my ancient phone, partly due to PhoneGap, and partly due to the bloated and poorly indexed database that I packaged along with it (with all the bus-stop details).

I haven’t looked at this one for a while, and good riddance. But for those curious, I’ve attached a couple of screenshots below so you can admire my delicate hand at design.

I’m fantastic at making things pretty.

Like, really awesome.

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