IMDB Chrome Extension

IMDB Chrome Extension

I love TV. I didn’t have cable for a long time when I was growing up (and when we got it all we watched was Star Trek) and I haven’t had it since I moved out, but with the advent of services like Netflix I’ve rapidly expanded the series that I’ve watched and loved. And I love sharing them with my friends. I can’t count the number of times I’ve excitedly dragged my friends to the couch to watch my favorite episode of some new series I’ve discovered. On these occasions I’ve inevitably spent a couple hours beforehand searching through IMDB, trying to find the episode that’s both one that I really like, and one that’s objectively good (those don’t always overlap). It drives me nuts though, when there’s seven episodes in a season that I think are fantastic, and I have to open up new tabs for every single one to check their imdb scores.

Prompted by this, I built an extension (I’d been meaning to learn how for a while) that pops up the average user rating for each episode beside the title on the season page for any given tv show. I also recently added a feature that allows you on the extension settings page to set which sections to display on the info pages for movies and tv shows. Sections like “People also liked,” “Contribute to this page,” “Message Boards,” and even the whole facebook-centric sidebar can be disappeared at the click of a button! I’ll be brushing up the settings page and adding a couple more tweaks soon, but the feature is good to use (and live on the chrome store page).

As for future features, I’m a good chunk into showing which shows/movies are available on various streaming services like netflix (I do my content discovery on IMDB, and it’s annoying to go back and forth to check whether the movies I’m excited about are available). I’d also like to add some sort of optional chart graphing the ratings of the projects which people have been involved with, although that’s in the very early stages of development. If you have any other suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know (comments below)!

Download it here!

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