A Toolkit for Design Docs

This post is reproduced from its original home on blog.e2.gg, where Evan and I share our thoughts on engineering, management, and remote work. As I have (somewhat unexpectedly) been drawn into the world of management, one of my favourite parts of the job has been mentoring and uplifting then engineers in my organization. One of […]

Tweetable Python

def p(t): print’\n’.join(‘\t’.join(v+’\t’*([max(len(e)for e in c)for c in zip(*t)][i]/8-len(v)/8)for i, v in enumerate(r))for r in t) #golf — Evan Brynne (@evanbrynne) December 17, 2013 Sometimes when I have nothing better to do, or when I do have something better to do but I really don’t want to do it, I play code golf with snippets […]

Python Tuple Tutorial – What they are and when to use them

My goal for today’s post is to give a deeper understanding of what tuples are and how those distinctions make them useful, saving their many novel applications involving packing/unpacking for a maybe-someday follow-up post so that I can address it a a psudo-distinct concept. Then, for those interested in what I’ve been writing, I hope […]

List Comprehensions for Fun and Profit

List comprehensions are awesome. They’re an incredibly intuitive and readable way to create, filter, join and otherwise modify lists. In the interest of helping young pyrates understand how they can use this simple and elegant tool to their advantage this tutorial will start with the very basics of what list comprehension are, and then gradually […]

Bootstrap Popover/Tooltip Click Trigger

Navigation Narration Breakdown Demo Narration Web development has it’s quirks. And by I mean that those of us like myself who are used to the simple and safe territory of a well defined, well documented, and most of all  consistent server-side programming language usually end up somewhere between daunted and devastated each time we subject […]